THE three or four words represented by the clues a, b, c or a, b, c, d in each of the following groups are all made up of the same letters, but in a different order.

For example, the group could be:

a. Small rock – stone

b. Musical sounds – tones

c. Short letters – notes


Have fun juggling some of these words:

1. a) Cuts or trims

b) Sharp objects used in sewing

c) Removes by pinching


2. a) Pointed stick

b) Accepts, picks

c) Big piece of meat

d) Shoe on wheels


3. a) Fishermen use … (plural)

b) …, hundreds, thousands

c) Dispatched

d) Bird’s home


4. a) Past tense of “spit”

b) Turn on the … to get water (plural)

c) Hits gently (e.g. on the head)

d) Finished, gone by


5. a) supplications

b) sounds of bells

c) fall into error





1. a. Snips b. Pins c. Nips 2. a. Stake b. Takes c. Steak d. Skate 3. a. Nets b. Tens c. Sent d. Nest 4. a. Spat b. Taps c. Pats d. Past 5. a. Pleas b. Peals c. Lapse


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