Fun with synonyms 4

           Fun with synonyms 4

1. He apologised to me for leaving the pile of dirty clothes outside my room.

2. The little boy used all his strength to push a deckchair towards the big tree so that he could rest in the shadow of the lateral branches.

3. “I am sure there are statements to show where the remainder of the money went.”

4. She had read a newspaper report on the haunted house, and as her car approached the building, she was paralysed by a great fear.

5. Inviting his friend to join him in the hunt, the alley cat said, “I’m going to catch a mouse, and I hope you catch a separate one!”

6. The handsome actor’s mother managed to suppress her anger when a reporter asked her about his drug habit.

7. The deaf man who was lip-reading a Member of Parliament on the TV smiled bemusedly when the famed politician made a mistake in his speech.

8. “This is the last ream of paper I have,” she said to the continuous flow of people waiting to use the photocopier.

9. When the little girl asked her father why she had to memorise the poem, he replied, “You will earn a lot of praise from your teacher.”

10. The stem I took from a wild plant in the jungle has started to let out an aromatic smell.

11. The dead bodies lay sprawled out on the floor, and the detective wondered why anyone would have wanted to kill the elderly couple.

12. We ended our informal conversation because she wanted to go home to watch a TV movie.

13. My pet goldfish are quarrelling among themselves in the glass bowl, for they can’t agree on the portion of food for each of them.

14. With a sharp knock on her desk, the teacher appealed to the students to quieten down.

15. With her sunglasses perched on her head, the prison guard informed the warden that two inmates had escaped.







1. heap 2. shade 3. rest 4. dread 5. chase 6. smother 7. slip 8. stream 9. learn 10. emit 11. slay 12. chat 13. share 14. rap 15. shades

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