Phrasal Verb 3

A PHRASAL verb is an idiomatic phrase consisting of:-

(i)                 verb + adverb (break down);

(ii)                verb + preposition (look into); or

(iii)              verb + adverb + preposition (put up with).


The juggler

A juggler is driving to his evening performance when a policeman stops him. “You have so many knives in your car,” says the cop. “What do you intend to do with them?”

“I juggle knives in my act,” says the juggler.

“Really?” says the cop, incredulously. “Juggle them for me then.”

So the juggler starts to toss and juggle the knives.

A passing motorist who witnesses the incident says to himself, “Wow, am I glad I gave up drinking alcohol a week ago. I know the police are just doing their job to crack down on drunk driving, but I’m amazed at this new test they have come up with!”


Give something up: To stop doing something.

Crack down on: To take severe action against.

Come up with: To produce.



The snail

A snail is crossing the road when he is run over by a turtle.

When the snail comes to in the emergency room, he mutters to himself, “I’ve been unlucky for some time.

My wife and I have fallen out with each other, and now I think I’m in a hospital.”

The doctor says, “You’ll be fine. Tell me clearly what happened.”

“I really don’t know,” the snail says. “It all happened so fast.”


Run over: To knock down and ride over.

Come to: To regain consciousness.

Fall out: To have an argument or quarrel.




The letter

A man confides in a friend: “I’m in big trouble. I received a letter from a fellow who threatened to string me up if I don’t stop sleeping with his wife.”

“Well,” says the friend, “if you don’t want him to do you in, just stop sleeping with his wife.”

“You don’t understand,” says the man ruefully. “He didn’t sign his name.”


String someone up: To kill someone by hanging.

Do someone in: To kill someone.

Sleep with: To have sex with.


Happy Learning




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