word or phrase that is less offensive and unpleasant

Some words or phrases that are less offensive and unpleasant


When we communicate with people in the professional or social world, it’s important to understand the implicit meanings of words.

> “Adult entertainment” instead of pornography

> Au natural instead of naked

> Big-boned instead of heavy or overweight

> Portly or having “ample proportions” instead of fat

> “Comfort woman” or “sex worker” instead of prostitute

> “Use the rest room” instead of “go to the toilet”

> “The birds and the bees”, a phrase often used when talking to children about sex and procreation

> “Between jobs” instead of unemployed

> “Go all the way” instead of having sex

> “Domestic helper” instead of maid

> “Sanitation technician” instead of garbage man

> “Kicked the bucket” instead of died.

Old dancing couple

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