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Strategies for reading

Strategies for reading


  1. Be familiar with the direction. – Every test has it own direction, so do not waste time reading it.

  2. Do not worry if the reading passage is a topic that is not familiar to you – all the information that you need to answer the questions is included in the passages.

  3. Do not spend too much time reading the passages. –

  4. Skim each passage for main idea and topic.

  5. Look at each question to determine what type of question it is.-

  6. For vocabulary questions – the target word will be highlighted.

  7. For overall ideas questions, focus on the main ideas rather than the details of the passage.

  8. Choose the best answer – use elimination.

  9. Do not spend too much time on a question you are completely unsure of.

  10. Monitor the time carefully.

  11. Guess to complete all the questions before the time is up.



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How to read

How to read?

1.  First skim (read very quickly) through the whole passages or article.

2.  Do not read every word and do not rush, occasionally for a moment to read some thing important.

3.  Use a pencil to guide your eyes across the pages as you read.

4.  Underline main idea or topics that you come across.

5.  Main idea or topics are usually, but not always, the first or second sentence of the paragraph.

6.  The introduction is a paragraph with a special purpose. It contains the main idea or topic of the entire passage. If the passage is an argument, it should also state the writer’s opinion.

7.  The conclusion often summaries the main points of the passage.

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What is life?












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Piece of Cake

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