Writing an Argumentative/Persuasive Essay

A brief summary on how to write an 

Argumentative/Persuasive Essay



Definition of topic or issue

 Present view/take a stand


Paragraph 1:     first argument to support view

Paragraph 2:    second reason to support view

Paragraph 3:    third reason to support vie     


Restating of view/stand 


Transitional words

(used to link points and add similar,

additional and contrasting points)

Similar/additional points

–       Moreover

–       Besides

–       In addition

–       Similarly

–       Likewise

–       For example

Contrasting points

–       However

–       Firstly

–       Secondly

–       Finally

–       On the other hand

–       Although

Expressions to use

1.Write a composition of about 350 words on one of the following topics. 

The various programmes for turtle conservation should be carried on.

Do you agree or disagree?


Suggested Structure:


Explain the logistics of a turtle conservation programme

i.e. what is being done.

State your stand for or against such a programme.


Agree –                 

A unique species of animals –

give facts as example;

part of the ecosystem,

so cannot do without it;

plays an important role in nature –

controls jellyfish population.

Stop practices of eating and selling parts of turtle and its eggs;

Preserve the species for future generations.

Revenue as a source of income for the nation

Four species of sea turtles in the world can be found nesting on Malaysian:

the olive-ridley turtle,

the hawksbill turtle,

the green turtle and

the leatherback turtle.

Disagree   –    

A lot of money spent.

A lot of manpower needed.

Waste of time and effort –

could be spent on helping poor people.

A matter of survival of the fittest –

if cannot survive, make way for stronger species. 

Conclusion –  

End your composition by reaffirming your stand.



Eating home cooked meal is better

than eating outside food.

Do you agree?

Model Answer

In today’s modern and busy world, people always think that preparing our own food is a waste of time since it is so convenient to buy food outside. But I agree with the statement that it is much better for individuals and the family to eat home cooked meals than to eat out at restaurants, canteens, food courts or hawker food stalls. The reasons are home cooked meals is cheaper, you can cook your favourite dish besides it being more healthy and hygienic.

Firstly, it is cheaper to cook and eat at home than eat out Eating out at restaurants is expensive. When you cook and eat at home, you do the cooking. You can buy your own fresh vegetables, meat, fish and other fresh products at the supermarket or wet market and stock up the dry ingredients. You pay the same price as the restaurant or food outlet operators and need not add the cost of labour charges and rental to the expenses. An individual or family spends less when cooking and eating at home.

Secondly, you can cook and eat your favourite dishes. Family members can request for favourite dishes from the family chef. If someone in the family likes a particular dish, it can be cooked and shared by everyone. In a restaurant, some dishes can be pretty expensive. Raw fish can cost as much as RM100 a dish: If you were to order a fish dish, you may have to pay double the price whereas if you cook a fish dish at home, it would cost you just the price of the fish! Then, if you enjoy your mother’s cooking, you will not get it at the restaurant Sometimes food stalls which sells pre-cooked food may be cold and tasteless or even stale

Thirdly, it is healthier and more hygienic to cook and eat at home. The fresh ingredients are properly washed, cleaned and prepared. Other ingredients like cooking oil are of better quality. The dishes promise a more balanced diet with less sugar, salt and oil. At the outlet, food operators may slack off when preparing food due to possibly insufficient workers and too many orders. In addition, the ingredients may not be of the best quality when compared to those used at home. Usually when mothers want to cook for the family, they will choose the best quality product. Besides, a restaurant cook is more concerned with taste rather than the health aspect of the dishes. At home, parents are more careful when serving a healthy and balanced meal.

I do agree that it is fun and a treat to eat out at times. I believe that it can be exciting to eat out at restaurants and food courts but only sparingly. I prefer cooking and eating at home because it is cheaper and the food is more appetising, healthier and more hygienic. I enjoy my father’s (who is a great chef) and my mother’s cooking. Nothing beats their cooking!

Have a good day

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