How to write time properly

How to write time properly


IT IS becoming fashionable to write time in function programmes/activities and even some software using the 24-hour format without knowing how to do it properly.


It is ridiculous to write,


5.15pm as 05.15pm.


When a zero precedes the second digit,

it denotes time from 12.00am until the figure changes to

01 when it is 1.00am until 12 noon.



 it is 13 for 1.00pm and so on until 23 when it is 11pm.


The 24-hour format is written without a decimal and “am” and “pm” in all cases. And that is the cardinal rule.


Under the circumstances,

it looks silly when it is written 09.00pm, 07.40pm, etc,

instead of a plain 9pm or 7.40pm.


The 24-hour format was essentially used for precise timekeeping,

especially in the armed and police forces, hospitals, trains and flights

and other important services where time is of the essence.


Strictly speaking,

we should write with a colon and

not a full stop after the hour,


i.e. 7:40am or 16:24 



Uncle Teng




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