Similes ( primary )


for Primary Level


as agile as a cat/monkey

As angry as a bull                

as big as a whale/an elephant

As blind as a bat                 

as brainless as a chimpanzee

As brave as a lion                

as busy as an ant/a bee

As calm as a cat                  

as cautious as a fox

As cold as a frog                  

as clumsy as a bear

As cunning as a fox/a monkey

as faithful as a dog     

As friendly as a puppy

as fat as a pig                      

as fierce as a lion

as flat as a flounder            

as fast as a deer/an eagle/a hare

as gentle as a dove/a fawn/a lamb

as greedy as a hog

as graceful as a swan         

as hairy as a gorilla/a spider

as harmless as a dove        

as heavy as an elephant

as humble as a worm        

as hungry as a wolf

as happy as a lark

as industrious as an ant/a beaver,

as innocent as a lamb        

as joyful as a fly

as lazy as a pig/a toad               

as like as two herrings

as lively as a cricket            

as nervous as a mouse

as poor as a church mouse

as persistent as a mosquito

as playful as a kitten/a puppy/a rabbit

as proud as a peacock

as quarrelsome as a weasel

as quiet as a mouse

as red as the turkey-cock

as rude as a bear

as slippery as an eel/a serpent

as slow as a snail/a tortoise

as spineless as a jelly-fish

as strong as a horse/an ox

as stubborn as a mule

as swift as a deer/a hare/a rabbit

as talkative as a magpie

as tender as a chicken

as timid as a mouse/a rabbit

as troublesome as a monkey

as happy as a child /a king

as harmless as a baby

as helpless as a baby

as hungry as a hunter

as ignorant as a child


as beautiful as the rainbow

as beautiful as the sunset

as black as coal

as black as soot

as serious as a doctor

as simple as a child

as sober as a judge

as strong as Hercules

as strong as Samson

as tall as a giant

as bright as a button

as bright as a new penny

as bright as the sun

as brown as berry

as brown as a bun

as brown as a hazelnut

as cheap as dirt

as cold as death

as cold as ice

as cool as cucumber

as countless as the sand

as countless as the stars

as dark as a dungeon/a pitch

as deep as despair/the ocean

as easy as ABC

as fast as light

as fit as a fiddle

as flat as a pancake

as green as grass

as hard as iron/steel/nail

as heavy as lead

as hot as fire

as light as feather

as loud as thunder

as white as snow

as empty as space

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