Other synonyms of walk

ALL of us do a lot of walking. We like to walk tall when we feel proud. People respect us when we walk our talk. The way we walk also reflects on our way of life and even our purpose in walking. Walk through this test to find out whether you know how to use the right word to describe walking.

1. The ballerinas______gracefully from one partner to another.

A flit       B hobble       C stroll       D plod

2. We _____up Penang Hill every Sunday.

A flit        B hobble      C hike         D limp

3. He______around the room, looking for his crutches.

A flitted         B hiked      C marched        D hobbled

4. A stray dog was______on three legs.

A hiking        B marching     C flitting     D limping

5. The soldiers salute as they______past the grand stand

A hobble          B limp        C march          D hike

6. During his wife’s operation he______up and down outside the operating theatre.

A hiked          B flitted        C marched       D paced

7. Crowds of weary travellers_______around the hotel before checking in.

A hiked        B hobbled       C plodded        D limped

8. Last night the police caught a robber______around my neighbourhood.

A hobbling      B marching      C limping       D prowling

9. We enjoy________in the botanical garden as the air is very fresh.

A strolling       B prowling        C pacing         D limping

10. Children like to______around the park catching butterflies.

A prowl        B roam        C hobble        D plod

11. It is relaxing to _______along the beach and watch the sun setting.

A hobble       B march        C pace        D saunter

12. The campers have to_______across a shallow river.

A wade         B stroll         C saunter         D hobble



1. A flit                         2. C hike                 3. D hobbled          

4. D limping            5. C march           6. D paced         

7. C plodded            8. D prowling          9. A strolling        

10. B roam              11. D saunter             12. A wade



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