Two rabbit stories

     A Rabbit and the King of the Jungle

       THE animals of the forest made a deal with a vicious lion who killed for pleasure. It was agreed that every day one animal would go to the lion’s den to be his supper. In return, the lion would stop his gratuitous violence.

     The first animal to go to the lion’s den was a rabbit, a brave creature who did not turn a hair even though death seemed inevitable for him.

When the rabbit arrived at the den, the lion roared, “You are late.”

Keep your shirt on,” said the rabbit. “I was detained by another lion who is a dead ringer for you.”

“Another lion?” said the lion. “I am the king of this jungle. Take me to him immediately!”

The rabbit led the lion to a deep well and asked him to look inside it. Staring at his own reflection, the lion roared, “I am the king of this jungle!”

His echo replied, “I am the king of this jungle!”

Furious, the lion jumped into the well to attack his non-existent adversary. Splash! And he was never seen again.

The moral: Craftiness is sometimes superior to strength.

(Adapted from an Indian fable)

A Rabbit and a Dog

A dog was stretching his legs and enjoying the fine weather when he saw a rabbit. He chased after the burrowing animal, who managed to escape after a long and arduous run.

When the dog’s friends got wind of the incident, they laughed at him. “You didn’t put your back into the chase,” they said.

The dog said unashamedly, “I was running just to have some fun. The rabbit was running for his life.”

The moral: Motivation is an important factor in the achievement of success.

In return (for): In reciprocation for something; in payment (for).

Not turn a hair: To show no fear.

Keep one’s shirt/hair on: Not to become excited, upset, or angry.

Dead ringer: A person or thing that closely resembles another.

Stretch one’s legs: To take a walk as a relief from sitting or lying down.

Get wind of: To hear or know about (a rumour).

Put one’s back into: To use all one’s efforts to do (something).


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