Bad Words

JUST as there are good words to describe attractive people, there are also bad words to describe people who repel us and whom we want to keep at bay. Here are some “bad” words which you can use to describe people who put you off either because of their conduct, character or dressing.

1. DetestableIf you say someone or something is detestable, you dislike it very much.

He is detestable because he likes to dig his nose and ears during meals.

2. Loathsome: Something or someone you dislike very much because they disgust you. 

With his foul mouth and crude manners, Mike is a loathsome man.

3. Obnoxious: Extremely unpleasant.

His habit of dashing for the food, and choosing the biggest portions, makes him obnoxious.

4. Abominable: Someone very unpleasant or bad.

Abandoning her newborn baby makes her an abominable character.

5. Dowdy: Someone who is dowdy is always dressed in dull and unfashionable clothes.

Miss Lee’s dowdy dressing always makes her look out of place in a crowd.

6. Slovenly: Lazy and untidy and not caring about one’s appearance.

Jamal has become slovenly since his wife passed away.

7. Sloppy: Untidy or dirty and dressed in loose-fitting clothes.

 Growing up as an orphan, he was always sloppy.

8. Unkempt: Not neat or tidy.

He looks very unkempt as he has not shaven for a few days.

9. Severe: Unfriendly or disapproving.

Her tattooed eyebrows give her a severe look.

10. Dour: Severe and never smiling.

Our security guard looks dour and unfriendly.

11. Stern: Serious and not smiling.

Students dare not approach stern teachers.

12. Shady: Dishonest.

We saw some shady characters hanging around his shop.

13. Shifty: Looks dishonest. 

The shifty-looking man was held up by the police.

14. Roguish: Someone whose smile looks vaguely nasty (because they have done something wrong or dishonest).

His roguish smile makes me suspect him as the thief.

15. Raffish

Raffish people and places are not very respectable but are admired because they are attractive and stylish. The raffish young adults in my town love to hang out at the popular night-clubs every weekend.

16. SinisterSeems evil or harmful.

The detective tailed the sinister man who disappeared into a bazaar.



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