give lesson or give tuition

What’s the difference between

to give lesson and to give tuition

Since it’s correct to say “to give lesson” to mean to teach,

then is it correct to say “to give tuition”, which also means to teach?

We don’t say “to give lesson”,

but “to give a lesson” or

to give lessons”,

because “lesson” is a countable noun.

Tuition” is an uncountable noun,

so you don’t need an article before the singular form,

and it is correct to say “to give tuition” to mean

to teach one person or a small group of people.



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  1. Kezang dema said

    Hello. My name is Kezang. I am a teacher in one of the Government school of Lampang. I would like to teach English during weekends. I can teach for both primary and seconary level. If you need me then you can reply me in my e-mail

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