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Please note that our Institute Jantung Negara (IJN) has recommended Malaysians not to over eat instant noodles as heart disease is mainly caused by the seasoning powder. If you can’t do without it, reduce the powder by half and don’t drink the soup after you finish the noodle. 

DO NOT IGNORE THIS … Especially those fond of Maggi…


The correct way to cook instant noodles without harming our bodies and health:  

Normally, how we cook the instant noodles is to put the noodles into a pot with water, throw in the powder and let it cook for around 3 minutes and then it’s ready to eat.

This is the

 WRONG method of cooking the instant noodles.

By doing this, when we actually boil the ingredients in the powder,

normally with MSG, it will change the molecular structure of the MSG, causing it to be toxic.

The other thing that you may or may not realize is that, the noodles are coated with wax and it will take around 4 to 5 days for the body to excrete the wax after you have eaten the noodles.


1. Boil the noodles in a pot of water.


Once the noodles are cooked, take out the noodles, and throw away the water which contains wax.

3. Boil another pot of water, add the cooked noodles into the hot boiling water and then turn off the stove.

4. Only at this stage when the stove is off, and while the water is very hot, add the flavouring powder into the water, to make noodle soup.

5. However, if you need dry noodles, remove the noodles and add the flavouring powder and toss it to get dry noodles.

If you buy plain Hakka noodles which you make, you initially need to boil in water and discard the water. This will soften the noodles but to prevent it from sticking we need to add a tbsp of oil and also the noodles are deep fried partially to make them crunchy and then dusted with flour to prevent them from sticking while boiling. Hence when you buy the noodles they are already made unhealthy and this is the type we use to make stir fry noodles and the regular Maggie too is made the same way, plus they add MSG / Ajinomoto and other chemical preservatives. 

A large number of patients with ages ranging from
 18-24 years are ending up with pancreatitis either as a swelling or infection of the pancreas due to regular consumption of instant noodles…

If the frequency is more than 3 times a week, then it is very hazardous…

Please share this info and help save a life

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Hotel Key Cards



Ever wonder what is on your magnetic key card? 


a. Customer’s name 
b. Customer’s partial home address 
c. Hotel room number 
d. Check-in date and out dates 
e. Customer’s credit card number and expiration date! 

When you turn them in to the front desk your personal information is there for any employee to access by simply scanning the card in the hotel scanner. An employee can take a hand full of cards home and using a scanning device, access the information onto a laptop computer and go shopping at your expense. 

Simply put, hotels do not erase the information on these cards until an employee reissues thecard to the next hotel guest. At that time, the new guest’s information is electronically ‘overwritten’ on the card and the previous guest’s information is erased in the overwriting process. 

But until the card is rewritten for the next guest, it usually is kept in a drawer at the front desk with YOUR INFORMATION ON IT! 

The bottom line is: Keep the cards, take them home with you, or destroy them. NEVER leave them behind in the room or room wastebasket, and NEVER turn them into the front desk when you check out of a room. They will not charge you for the card (it’s illegal) and you’ll be sure you are not leaving a lot of valuable personal information on it that could be easily lifted off with any simple scanning device card reader. 

For the same reason, if you arrive at the airport and discover you still have the card key in your pocket, do not toss it in an airport trash basket. Take it home and destroy it by cutting it up, especially through the electronic information strip! 

If you have a small magnet, pass it across the magnetic strip several times. Then try it in the door, it will not work. It erases everything on the card. 

Information courtesy of:  Metropolitan Police Service.

PLEASE FORWARD to friends and family



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Facts about your mobile phone


there are quite a few things that can be done in times of grave emergencies.

Your mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an emergency tool for survival.

Check out what you can do with it: 




The Emergency Number worldwide for   Mobile is 112.

If you find yourself out of the coverage area of your mobile; network and there is an emergency,
 112 and the mobile will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you,
This number 112 can be dialed even if the keypad is locked. Try it out. 



Have you locked your keys in the car? 
Does your car have remote keyless entry?   This information may come in handy someday. 
 If you lock your keys in the car and the spare keys are at home, just call someone at home and ask them to 
get your spare key and their mobile phone.  Then hold your cell phone about a foot from your car door and have the person at home press the unlock button on the spare key, holding it near their mobile phone.
Your car will unlock and saves someone from having to drive your keys to you.

Distance is no object. You could be hundreds of miles away but if you can reach someone who has 
the other ‘remote’ fey or your car, you can unlock the doors (or the trunk). 

Editor’s Note: It works well! We tried it out and it unlocked our car over a mobile phone!’



Hidden   Battery  Power 

Imagine your mobile battery is very low.  To reactivate, press the keys *3370#   and your mobile will restart with this reserve and will show a 50% increase in battery. 

This reserve will get charged when you next recharge your mobile. 



How to disable a STOLEN mobile phone? 
To check your mobile phone’s serial number, key in the following digits on your phone: * # 0 6 # 

A 15 digit code will appear on the screen.  This number is unique to your handset. Write it down and keep

it somewhere safe.  If your phone gets stolen you can phone your service provider and give them this code.

They will then be able to block your handset so even if the thief changes the SIM card your phone will
be totally useless.

You probably won’t get your phone back, but at least you know that whoever stole it
can’t use it or sell it either. 

If everybody did this, there would be no point in people stealing mobile phones. 


ATM – PIN Number Reversal – Good to Know 
If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM machine, you can
notify the police by entering your PIN # in reverse.

For example, if your pin number is 1234 then you would put in 4321. 

The ATM system recognizes that your PIN number is backwards from the ATM card you placed in the machine.

The machine will still give you the money you requested but, unknown to the robber, the police will be
immediately dispatched to the location. 

This information was recently broadcast on CTV by Crime Stoppers however it is seldom used because

people just don’t know about it.   Please pass this along to everyone.

This is the kind of information people don’t mind receiving, 


Uncle Teng



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Facts you should know


Facts you should know




No piece of paper can be fold in half

More than seven (7) times..Oh Go ahead!..

Do it!!… I’ll wait!!

The liquid inside the young coconut

can be use as substitute as.. 

Blood plasma

You burn more calories in sleeping..

than you do watching television.

The first product to have a barcode

was Wrigley’s gum

The king of hearts is the only king

without a moustache.

Venus is the only planet that rotate clockwise

(since Venus is associated with women, what does this tell you?)

(that women are going the “right “direction?)

Apples not caffeine…

are more efficient in waking you up!!

The first owner of Marlboro Company

died of lung cancer

so did the first Marlboro man.

Pearls melt…

in vinegar

A ”quack” of duck doesn’t echo

and no one knows why.

Turtles can breathe through their butt..

( I know some people are like that too!!…

don’t YOU? )


Look at your zipper. See the initials YKK?

It stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushibibaisha,

the world’s largest zipper manufacturer in Japan


Leonardo  da Vinci could write in one hand..

and can draw on the other hand at the same time.

The only domestic animal not mentioned in the bible..

is the cat.

Leonardo da Vinci invented scissor..also it took him

ten years to paint..

Monalisa’s lips.

There are no clocks in..

Las Vegas gambling casino  




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