“instrument” expressions

MUSIC has the power to move the soul, which is a common cliché. Since music is such an integral part of any culture, the words associated with music should make an impact on our language. Have you used some of these “instrument” expressions to give more graphic descriptions of daily situations? Choose the right answer to complete the following sentences.

1. She likes to blow her own_____about her culinary skills.

A horn       B bugle       C harmonica         D tuba

2. The confiscation of mobile phones in school is_______into students all the time.

A trumpeted     B drummed      C horned          D fiddled

3. My uncle exercises every day so he is as fit as a________.

A harmonica       B gong        C guitar           D fiddle

4. Mr and Mrs Peh lock______all the time, as they irritate each other.

A clarinets          B drums        C horns          D xylophones

5. Vasu _______around with his company accounts and he was sacked.

A fiddled       B trumpeted        C horned        D drummed

6. Her brother has been______out of the army because of his involvement in drugs.

A fiddled         B trumpeted          C horned      D drummed

7. The Buddha Bamboo has a ______ stem.

A horned         B fluted         C fiddled          D drummed

8. Jane with her____voice did not get into the finals.

A drumming       B fiddling        C fluting        D trumpeting

9. He hates playing second______to John in their basketball team.

A cello        B fiddle         C violin        D clarinet

10. Minah likes to______about her designer clothes during parties.

A gong           B trumpet          C piano           D cymbal

11. We have to pull our_______during times of inflation.

A horns          B cymbals         C violins            D flutes

12. Young people like to drive like the______.

A clappers         B violins         C harps            D flutes

13. Aunt Rosie likes to_____on her younger days as a dancer.

A cello          B xylophone          C harmonica           D harp


1 A horn             2 B drummed              3 C fiddle                             4 C horns           5 A fiddled                   6 D drummed                     7 B fluted           8 C fluting                   9 B fiddle                          10 B trumpet      11 horns                                                                  12 A clappers         13 D harp

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