“fruit” expressions

 Be familiar with some of

these “fruit” expressions

which can add colour and richness to your language.


1. Bears fruit:

If your effort bears fruit it is successful and produces good results.

Your years of nurturing will bear fruit, and you will be proud parents.

2. Forbidden fruit:

A source of pleasure that involves breaking a rule or

doing something you are not supposed to do.

They enjoyed the forbidden fruit of an extra-marital affair.

3. First fruit:

The first fruits of a project or activity are the earliest results or profits.

His good durian harvest is the first fruit of his horticultural projects.

4. Apple of someone’s eye:

Someone who is beloved.

John is the apple of his mother’s eye.

5. Apple pie order:

Perfect order.

Her house is always in apple pie order.

6. Apple polishing:

Doing things to gain the support or favour of someone.

The students in the last class are good in apple polishing.

7. Going bananas:

Behaving in a crazy way or becoming extremely angry.

He is going bananas over racing cars.

8. Banana republics:

Small, poor countries.

More aid should be given to banana republics.

9. Peaches and cream:

If you say a girl has a peaches and cream complexion,

you mean she has clear, smooth skin.

Her peaches and cream complexion gives her a healthy glow.

10. Peach or peachy:

Something described as peachy is very nice.

Everything is her life is just peachy.

11. Cherry- pick:

If you cherry-pick people or things,

they choose the best from a group,

often in a way considered unfair.

She cherry-picks the smart girls to be prefects.

12. Plum:

 A plum job is a good one which many people would like.

He got a plum job with a shipping company.

13. Pear-shaped:

If a situation goes pear-shaped, bad things start happening.

His project to renovate his factory has gone pear-shaped.

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