Conjunctions “Although” and “though”

Although” and “though

1. Although the servant washed the dishes and swept the floor, she did not wipe the stove.

2. The prizes included a refrigerator and a television set. No one won, although many tried.

3. Although he had prepared the speech, he did not tell anyone about it.

4. He ate the rice and curry, but he did not touch the vegetables though he used to like them very much.

You can use either “though” or “although” in all these sentences 1, 2, 3 & 4.

 “Although” is more formal and used more in writing, and

though” is generally less formal and used more in speech.

However, there are certain structures in which only “though” can be used,



“Tired though I was, I still continued working in order to meet the deadline.”

“Poor though they were, they were never short of food.”

If you want to use “although” to mean the same things, you have to change the beginning of the sentences to:

Although I was tired …” and

Although they were poor …”

Though” can also be used as an adverb, especially at the end of a sentence, to lessen the effect of the previous statement.



 “She’s very lucky to get a scholarship. She doesn’t appreciate it, though.”

“Our team won the match. The other side played very well, though.”


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