Common Hokkien Phrases

Common Hokkien Phrases

So why pay thousands of dollars to attend talks when your grand-parents, parents, spouses and even the auntie who sweeps the floor can give you the same kind of advice FOC, everyday?Habit No 1: Be Pro-Active
Kin Ka Kin Chiew

( Fast leg, fast hand )

Habit No 2: Sharpen the Saw
Toh Bua Lai Lai

( Make the knife sharp )

Habit No 3: Begin with the End In Mind
Ooh Tao Ooh Buay

( Have head, have tail )

Habit No 4: First Things First
Chik Hung Chik Hung Lai – Ban Ban Lai

( One thing at a time, slow and steady ); or
Cho Tow Seng
( Do first ; talk later )

Habit No 5: Think Win-Win
Long Chong Ai Yarh

( Must win everything )

This is definitely not thinking win-win. This is a zero sum game. Win everything!

Habit No 6: Seek To Understand Rather Than To Be Understood
Cho Lang Ai Eh Beng Pek

( You must be understanding )

Habit No 7: Synergize
Tai Kay Ai Hup Chop

( All must cooperate )




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