Parents who abuse their children need help.

Parents who abuse their children are in need of help. A child and adolescent psychiatrist said one in three parents who grow up in a physically abusive environment tends to be abusive towards his or her children.

 Those who were abused as a child often used the same cruel methods in disciplining their children. Even though they had suffered abuses, they become abusive parents because that’s the only way they knew how to deal with children.

Those who grew up in an authoritarian environment were unable to resolve the issues they faced and thus vent their frustrations on the young ones. Their anger is displaced and when a child makes a minor mistake, they hit him.

However, two-thirds of parents do learn other ways of disciplining their children, whether through exposure to other role models or by learning them on their own. Some parents argue that they hit their children because they are trying to teach their children well but if they are honest, they will admit that they are venting their anger.

 Parents often choose physical punishment over the non-physical method because it is faster and easier.

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